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The kitchen health although strength is not great,but it can effectively relax,eliminate fatigue,but also to the kitchen to wash the dishes,p90x3 equipment fitness and cooking together,not only can keep fit and can increase the fun of cooking 1 on tiptoe Exercise areas:the leg This action can be used in most of the time,let your legsslightly as or washing dishes,stand on tiptoe, inspiratory, expiratory, up,down.5 groups,each 1O times.It can lengthen the leg muscles,but also can reduce the fatigue of long standing.p90x3 ebay 2 single leg standing Exercise areas:the leg Standing in the kitchen of single leg,labor can also do this action,such as cutting,the general focus on one leg,the other leg side step,toes,legs straight to the side force,lift,hold for 20 seconds, p90x3 elite the other side.3 and over Exercise areas:the waist In the sink,due to long standing alone,will make your waist muscle fatigue,so at the end of the sink and work,with your feet shoulder width apart,away from the pool has a big distance, p90x3 eccentric upper both hands on the pool side,slowly down,stretch the back and waist muscle,under the pressure of 5 times.4 squat Exercise areas:the waist, p90x3 excel thigh Can design the kitchen must squat to get together in cooking,squat legs,waist position above the straight,so you can exercise the waist and thigh strength.5 push ups Exercise areas:the arm Boil the soup is not good,take a step backward, p90x3 exercises both hands on the refrigerator or the table, bend your arms,legs straight,let the body slowly to the refrigerator or the table near. Usually cooking can be done 15 times in the kitchen "push ups". 

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